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Capital Speech Services

Capital Speech Therapy provides pediatric speech and language assessment and treatment. Consultation with schools, daycares, and other service providers is also available.


Assessment is based on the need of your child and what difficulties he or she may be facing. Assessment methods range from play-based to standardized testing. Based on our initial communication, Capital Speech Therapy will provide you with an estimate on the length of the assessment session.

Step 1

Initial contact between caregiver and SLP to discuss needs/concerns and to discuss length of initial visit. Initial visit is booked and caregiver completes client intake form to review milestones and developmental history. Additional reports are sent to SLP for review prior to initial visit (if applicable)

Step 2

Play-based and/or standardized assessments are administered during the initial visit.

Caregiver interview and/or additional questionnaires are completed.

General discussion of therapy plan (e.g.: further assessment, goals and frequency of therapy) occurs.

If therapy is recommended, scheduling of subsequent sessions occurs.

Step 3 (optional)

Further assessment – if during the initial visit additional concerns are observed by SLP, further assessment may be required and/or recommended.


Following the assessment session, treatment goals and recommendations will be discussed. Treatment sessions are typically charged on an hourly basis (45 minute direct session, 5-10 minutes for planning, charting and discussion). Shorter or longer therapy sessions are available depending on the needs of your child. Frequency and length of treatment can vary and is determined following the initial assessment.

Home Programming

If your child would benefit from a therapy break, home programming can be provided in order to continue to promote the carryover of therapy goals during this time. Home programming can also be provided to children who only require a short duration of therapy, however caregivers would like to continue to target speech and language goals once direct intervention has ended. Home programming is based on an hourly rate.


Caregivers often request consultation between the SLP and other familiar communication partners (e.g.: classroom teachers, daycare providers, grandparents, family physician, occupational therapist, etc.). Consultation can range from telephone/email exchange to in-person meetings. Consultation is based on an hourly rate. Consultation will not be billed unless directly discussed with caregivers.

Report Writing

Report writing can range from a brief summary of your child’s goals/progress to a complete, comprehensive overview of your child’s assessment results/recommendations for therapy. Some families require documentation for funding sources or request it for communication between daycare/schools and/or other service providers. Report writing is based on an hourly rate.

Am I Covered?

Most extended healthcare plans have speech therapy coverage. It is recommended that you discuss your policy with your insurance provider to determine your exact coverage. Receipts are provided following each session to be submitted to your insurance provider.

Travel Costs

No travel costs are incurred for visits in Kanata, Stittsville, Carp, Kinburn, Arnprior, Almonte and Bells Corners. For those residing outside of the above areas, travel costs are available upon request.